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t-tracks, temperature monitoring
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T-Tracks™ Solution


Automated Real-Time Monitoring of Healthcare Materials
for In-Transit and Stationary Environments

Lab Sensor Solutions’ T-Tracks™ is the most cost effective real-time solution for monitoring the temperature of healthcare materials for both in-transit and stationary environment applications. The T-Tracks system utilizes wireless NIST calibrated Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) sensors and a powerful cloud computing platform to continuously record conditions and provide real-time information, as well as critical excursion alerts, to appropriate stakeholders. The system employs standard Apple (iOS) and Android mobile devices (as well as a proprietary data bridge) to receive data from sensors and communicate with a versatile back-end analytics engine. In addition to real-time temperature data, the T-Tracks system provides preemptive excursion alerts, automated pickup and delivery confirmations, GPS and room level location of portable items, along with many other features.

T-Tracks is perfect for applications where integrity of healthcare materials is paramount, including laboratory samples, biopharmaceuticals, vaccines, clinical trial materials, whole blood, plasma, analyzer reagents and more. T-Tracks provides preemptive alerts based on Real-Time In-Field (RTIF) conditions so corrective actions can be taken quickly, before integrity of materials is compromised. Regulatory agencies, including FDA, CAP and others, require monitoring for temperature sensitive materials and they are increasingly auditing for temperature profile compliance of in-transit materials.

T-Tracks’ dashboard views, comprehensive reports and Cloud Based Analytics Engine (CBAE) provide the information you need now and in the future to protect assets, optimize SOP, achieve regulatory compliance, improve outcomes and save money.

Temperature Monitoring with Automated Alerts and Logging

Track temperature on-site and in-transit, automatically with complete access to historical data. Monitor throughout the chain of custody and receive real-time alerts before a loss occurs.

Real-time In-Transit Location Prevents Loss

Know where materials are at all times, on the road and within facilities, down to a specific room or vehicle. Assure courier compliance with route excursion alerts.

Centralized Admin Assures
Compliance and Reduces Errors

Set alerts, schedules, temperature profiles, pickup and delivery confirmations, and more. No user or courier interaction required.