Lab Sensor Solutions | Real Time Temperature and Location Tracking for Healthcare Materials
Lab Sensor Solutions T-Tracks is a temperature monitoring system that collects temperature and location data in real time.
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Real-time Temperature Monitoring

Automated Alerts and Logging for On-Site and In-Transit Environments

Wireless, Automated, Portable

Remote Administration with No Infrastructure or User Interaction Required

NIST Calibrated and Powerful Analytics

Annual Sensor Refresh Eliminates Need for On-Site Calibration

Temperature Monitoring with Automated Alerts and Logging

Track temperature on-site and in-transit, automatically with complete access to historical data. Monitor throughout the chain of custody and receive real-time alerts before losses occur.

Real-time In-Transit Location Prevents Loss

Know where materials are at all times, on the road and within facilities, down to the specific room or vehicle. Assure courier route compliance.

Centralized Admin Assures Compliance and Reduces Errors

Set alerts, schedules, temperature profiles, pickup and delivery confirmations, and more. No user, courier or site interaction required.