Lab Sensor Solutions | Lab Sensor Solutions
temperature tracking, regulatory compliance
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Executive Team:

Geoff Zawolkow, CEO

GEOFFGeoff’s impressive track record of founding and managing successful companies includes founding Alation Systems (provided 6X return in 1.5 years), as well as serving as an executive at Cypress Semiconductor, Compaq Computer & Tagent.

Jarie Bolander, COO

JARIEJarie has extensive management experience in system engineering that includes software development and manufacturing technology products. Jarie was previously at Cypress Semiconductor, Ion Torrent (acquired by Life Technologies) & Tagent.

Daniel Paley, EVP Engineering

DANIELDaniel is very experienced at developing and managing software/ICS systems. He oversees product development and deployment, as well as intellectual property/patent documentation and filing. Previously Daniel could be found working on cutting edge products at Xerox PARC, Rambus, Intelleflex & Tagent.

Brad Jung, VP Marketing and Product Management

BRADBrad is an enterprise & mobile software and systems sales and marketing veteran that has worked with numerous companies including Innovative Interfaces, Decision Counsel Purisma / D&B, Resonate, and Compaq.

Lab Sensor Solutions, Inc.

Lab Sensor Solutions’ mission is to improve lives through the use of real-time sensor technology. We deliver real-time information on healthcare assets so our customers can monitor, report and act to assure items are in the right place, at the right time, and in the right condition.

Never before has a company been able to affordably assure the integrity of materials by helping to prevent temperature excursions, lost items and delayed delivery through the use of real-time data, analysis and alerts.

Now, for the first time, there’s a complete solution that delivers highly accurate temperature and location information (down to the room and vehicle level) that can protect the integrity of materials, cost effectively, with little to no human interaction.

The opportunity for sensor networks like ours to positively impact healthcare is huge, and we’re excited to increase patient safety while helping our customers reduce costs, meet regulatory requirements and save lives.